What is the Matched Betting Forum?

Our matched betting forum is currently under construction however will be available within the next week. Here you can discuss all things matched betting. I Also post my daily profits everyday to show how much i made matched betting the day before.

What is matched betting?

Matched Betting is a way to profit from book makers free bets by ensuring that you win no matter the outcome. Sound to good to be true right? well best believe it, people have been using this method to make monthly income for around 10 years now however only recently has it got very popular.

There are many websites out there that promote this as an extra income such as moneysavingexpert and many university forums, however only recently has there been dedicated websites that will basically spoon feed you matched betting such as Oddsmonkey & Profit accumulator. With these websites people have taken this up as a full time job (me being one of them). We have only been able to due to the software and forums that these guys have on their websites. Check out our reviews page here.


How much could you expect to make?

This can change due to many reasons, such as size of bank and how many offers there have been throughout the month. However if your just starting out your first month you can expect to earn easily £1k+. Then once you’ve built a bank theres no reason you couldnt hit £1500+ each and every month. Imagine that for as a side job?

My Daily Profits

Everyday i will update my blog with how much i made and how i made it the day before. So if you want more of a feel for matched betting or how i make my income then Click Here.