Oddsmonkey are one of the main hubs for matched bettors in the UK. They offer a multitude of tools and services and are in a league of their own to their competitors. Before becoming one of the staples for matched betting communities Oddsmonkey prided themselves in offering the oddsmatching tool we all use today to find our matched bets and still have the number one oddsmatching tool among many others.



If you a complete newbie to matched betting and just starting your journey the tutorials and guides Oddsmonkey offer will make matched betting a walk in the park for anyone.


Once you have gathered the basics of matched betting and are confidently opening new accounts and building your bank, Oddsmonkey have many other ways of extracting profit from bookmakers such as casino offers, Horse racing extra places and many many more.


Now let me just start by saying the Oddsmonkey forum is by far the best forum for matched betting out there. I have been a member of most if not all of the main forums and there simply is not a better forum than Oddsmonkey’s.

The forum covers everything matched betting and as well as the guides Oddsmonkey offer the forum will 100% ensure members new and old will get a speedy response from Moderators, staff or members.

Benefits from using the forum

No matter your level of experience as a matched bettor, watching videos and reading tutorials may only take you so far, and asking a peer who is in going through the same situation as you could solve a problem in seconds rather than you racking your break for hours over it.

Keep up with everything new in the Matched Betting world

Price boosts, Close matches & other opportunities straight to your mobile or browser

Find the latest offers


All tools listed below are included in the monthly price!


The oddsmatcher is a staple tool all matched bettors new and old will use to find close matched between the bookmaker and exchange saving hours and hours each month of doing this manually.

What is does

  1. Compares odds from over 100 bookmakers with 4 betting exchanges.
  2. Saves hours of time trawling through bookmaker websites
  3. Filters by bookmaker, event, exchange and market.
  4. Gives you a rating to see how good your match is.
  5. Has a built in calculator to tell you your profit and loss.


Acca’s to some matched bettors are their bread and butter. With bookmakers offering refund offers and some sign up offers we can extract profit using accumulators and the refunds they give. The Acca finder does all the maths and finding for you for your desired bookmaker. It even emails you an alert letting you know when a selection of your accumulator is playing.


Extra Places can bring HUGE profits to a match bettor in just one race. This being said it is not for the newcomer and should be practised on paper a few times before diving in. However, Oddsmonkeys Extra place matcher make things as simple as possible when finding matches for your desired race. Once you’ve found a match your happy with you can save it to “my bets” and move on to the next horse.


Horse racing in the matched betting world is one of the biggest and main earners with racing on everyday giving regular offers every day of the year bar christmas day.

Oddsmonkey realised this and have created a tool which filters through the horse racing offers available that day and will find close matches for you perticular to those offers. Saving an abundance of time throughout your day.


Dutching has been around for years and the basic concept of it is to use all outcomes of an event to make a profit or a small loss for a qaulifying offer. Nowadays we use dutching quite often due to the difference in tennis rules between bookmakers and exchanges, keeping losses to a minimum. Oddsmonkey changed the old way of searching through each bookmaker and entering the different odds into calculators. Within a few simple clicks and changes to the filter you can find a match in seconds.


The Tennis Matcher is very much like the Horse Racing matcher where oddsmonkey have taken all the offers available for that day and put them into filters helping you find matches in an instant.


Oddsmonkey’s profit tracker will be one of the main pieces of kit most members and newcomers like yourself will use. Keeping a track of profits is not only detrimental to the growth of your matched betting career but also extremely encouraging. Most of the tools and calculators will have a “add to profit tracker button” making this part as quick as the others. But even if you spend 5 minutes of your day entering other offers you have completed you will reap the benefits of using Oddsmonkeys built in profit tracker.


0% Commission

Being a member of Oddsmonkey not only makes you money but it also saves you money aswell. Oddsmonkey have teamed up with multiple exchanges giving each and every member a 0% commission on their winning bets. To put this into perspective betfair’s exchange is 5%. So for every £1000 you win into betfair you will pay £50 in commission! And please believe me when i say this, This amount is at the bottom end of what most matched bettors put through the exchanges in a month a week or even a day in many circumstances. So having 0% commission is vital for your profits!


Heres’ a small insight to some of the profits members have made during a month. These are screenshots from random months over time giving you just a glimpse of how much can be made. You will be surprised.


Oddsmonkey offer a free trial where you will make up to £45 within minutes to see if Matched Betting is for you. After you’ve finished your free trial and gone through the guides, full access of the oddsmonkey website is just £17.99 per calendar month. The best bit about this is they offer their oddsmonkey money back guarantee which is literally what it says on the tin, if matched betting is not for your in your first month you can claim your money back! A win win right?


For me someone who has been matched betting for years and having introduced many family and friends to oddsmonkey, i cant see why anybody wouldnt do it. Its tax free, risk free and you can make a ton of cash for very little effort each day. Oddsmonkey literally spoon feed us money so all the hard work of what matched betting use to be is gone and is now replaced with calculators matchers and the oddsmonkey workforce!

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